I started to collect vintage guitars about 10 years ago, and immediately felt in love with hippy weave straps, made famous by countless iconic guitarists throughout the 60's and 70’s.

 I then decided to replicate them, and founded Tom's Vintage Straps, to get that old Ace/Bobby Lee vintage look & feel.

 After years of research/tests, I finally found a way to build a solid contemporary iteration of those.

The perfect New Old Stock guitar strap, with all the vintage vibes.

Style, Comfort, Quality and Affordability.

All straps are designed with smallest detail in mind, crafted with care, and worn by ourselves, and we think that says it all.

Because we love our product as much as you love the art you create with them!


Detailed Specs:

We're mostly working with New Old Stock (NOS) Fabric, from the 60's and 70's.
The perfect way to get all the vintage vibes.

Vegan Tanned Leather Ends.

Available in three colors : Black, Camel or White. Cutted, punched and finished exclusively by hand.

Assembled by hand.

All straps are handmade in our little workshop in Strasbourg – France.